EA Mobile Games – Jason Willig Clarifies the Ideas Behind SimCity BuildIt

Mobile announced the development of SimCity build-it for Android and iOS devices. The free-to-play game is being specially created for “gamers away from home,” and will permit users to build the town in their dreams, creating actual choices that effect the future of the town.

In this new installment in the popular franchise, players may construct industrial plants, build homes and business properties, even, and participate with a brand new crafting system give attention to certain specialties to maintain their people satisfied, among other characteristics.

The sport has been designed from operation fans and players, which is supporting the team create a game that handles player expectations, while also staying true to what creates a sim city game a SimCity game alongside ample suggestions.

Jason Willi

We’d a chance to chat for E A Mobile with Willig, vice-president and group general manager, about the improvement of sim city BuildIt, and what and/or modifications similarities gamers may anticipate in this newest title in the business.

Inside Mobile Apps: Selection maybe there is in the different kinds of structures that’ll be assembled? That’s, may our towns have a larger variety than that, or will we notice the same three or four house or commercial creating templates repeated over and over again?

Jason Willig: You’ll find actually hundreds of building variations and types of each. We will continuously be adding new content to ensure cities seem unique.

IMA: Is it possible to clarify the new crafting system for us? How will players create objects, and what may they be used for?

JW: Making is heavy, but additionally very instinctive: players unlock Manufactory where they produce “ materials Then Commercial properties are unlocked etc., like the Producers Market, Hardware Store, Building Materials Retailer, Horticulture Supplies Shop, Donut Shop Gamers utilize the fundamental materials they “fabrication” in their Manufactory in particular combinations to produce items that are created in their Business Buildings. These crafted items are subsequently used to upgrade Home Areas, sold to buddies or via the Trade Depot or used for Motorboat Assignments to generate Fantastic Secrets (which may be used to purchase City Specialty structures).

IMA: It appears that sim city BuildIt will offer a pursuit program. What forms of quests can gamers expect to finish, for performing so and what may they obtain?

JW: There’s lots of directed perform in a few quest, and sim city BuildIt -like elements, but we really want by what the ball player needs to do, maybe not necessarily what we need the ball player to do this sport to be. We think that component of available-ended discovery and ness is to making this sense like Sim City not really unimportant. Our goal would be to present the user with selection (perhaps not only jobs to check off), show them why those choices matter (relative to goals) and support / direct them with teaching and quests along the mobile or societal city-constructing games follow an identical convention. After placing a constructing, one is needed to hold back a (occasionally) drawn-out amount of time for its construction to end, making the experience sense more like a waiting game than one of actually playing. Is that method noticed here, as a town’s population develops or will ”, buildings continue being placed in zones and mechanically develop over period?

simcity buildit cheats

JW: Almost every sport – actually the best kinds – follow some supplements that are basic … city-building games, RPG ’s games and shooters. Several of those formulas exist to get grounds: people appreciate these style conventions and methods of play. Nevertheless, as the administrators it’s our obligation (and virtually the many interesting thing about dealing with make games for a full time income), to both locate/embrace/make better these recognizable guide points while producing creations which might be substantive, actually unique… and interesting.

People who know SimCity will find familiar elements, but reimagined. At precisely the same moment, people that love-mobile city construction may also find familiar elements, but presented a manner that is distinctively SimCity. This really is not a “ waiting game, ” in a few cases waiting on particular issues is part of the sport. That said, there something interesting/important to do-or perform at. It’s a balance.

IMA: How you feel about SimCity Buildit Hack – tool which adds SimoLeons to user accounts?

JW: Well to be honest I can see a big problem for people that are using this type of tools. Most of them are not adding anything, I guarantee that our server are completely secured and no one can use some sort of “cheats” or “hack” to add simoleons or other currencies to user accounts. I advice to stay away from this sort of tools.

Four Fitness Apps To Keep Your Weight Down And Heart Rate Up

Throw out your notepad and pencil, and pick up your smartphone.  Gone are the days when people needed to record workouts manually with a pen and paper, and spend hours planning out what they will do the next day.  If you’ve recently purchased a smartphone, check out the following four apps that will keep your life organized while helping you stay in shape.

Couch-to-5k:Stay Motivated for Your Next 5k Fun-Run
The Couch-to-5k mobile application is perfect for first time fun runners. This application is designed to help you prepare for the race by running just thirty minutes a day, three times a week for a total of nine weeks.
This unique mobile application works by logging every single workout you do, including distance, time and tips for improving your overall performance. Playlists can even be synced with different workouts to help you stay motivated at all times.

CrossFit classes too expensive? Don’t have the money to spend on expensive exercise equipment? Obstacles XRT is the app that you’ve been waiting for.
Obstacles XRT lets you experience the most from every workout. Replace your sit ups and boring runs with jumping over tires and crawling under fences. With this app, you will never have to go back to traditional workouts again.


If you need a way to track your daily weight loss and progress, See Me Get Fit is the app you’ve been looking for.
See Me Get Fit helps fitness enthusiasts track their progress with pictures. After you’ve finished your cardio workout on your horizon treadmill, take a picture of yourself every day to help keep yourself motivated until you’ve reached your weight loss goals.
See Me Get Fit can also keep track of diets and your daily workout to make sure you stay on track with all aspects of your weight loss plan.

Sure, you may be using your horizon treadmill to help you lose weight and work on your cardio, but a quality workout is useless without a healthy diet to go along with it. The Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker features a database of millions of food selections that include a number of meals from popular restaurants, fast food joints and regular items that can be bought at your local grocery store. Log the meals you eat into the mobile app to ensure you stay below your maximum daily calorie count.

Specific Apps for Specific Fitness Lifestyles

There are dozens of apps available that cater to many types of fitness lifestyles. While these are some of the most popular mobile applications available, it is best to choose apps that cater to your specific fitness needs. Regardless of which applications you choose to download, a good combination of cardio workouts using your horizon treadmill, aerobic exercises, light weightlifting and a healthy diet will give you the best results.
The author of this post, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger who loves to write on topics that interest her. One of her clients is Horizon Fitness, a provider of commercial-quality home exercise equipment. She has a keen interest in health care and enjoys writing about it. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

New mobile game based across the Avengers

TinyCo and Marvel have teamed up for a new mobile game based across the Avengers. These characters are not adults, but elaborate young adults who are grappling with newly emerging powers while attempting to maintain societal lives.


Marvel and TinyCo have released Marvel Avengers Academy into the Play Store. This game boasts a massive cast of professional actors doing voice overs for the main characters in-game. The game does contain elective in-app purchases. The link to download the game can be found by the end of this article. Get Marvel Avengers Academy Hack for unlimited shards.

While players will be finding the young variations of their preferred Avengers characters in this game, and will developing and updating their superpowers, you’ll also manage to play through original story-driven narratives composed as a team effort between the two businesses. Obviously each hero will have skills and their particular custom outfits. Should you happen to follow the Avengers in their own comics, then you certainly will understand that this indicates the first time in gaming history that the cast of the Avengers has been re-imagined as student versions of themselves.
Since a school campus is being built by players in this game to help develop these young heroes, you’ll be responsible for assembling and upgrading classrooms, dorms, laboratories, training facilities, sports stadiums and more. This game also takes inspiration from your Sims and similar games because you’ll have to deal with everyone confronting competing cliques, going on dates and navigating the social ups and downs of every character’s lives.

Should you like very thorough sim games, as well as Marvel related content, then you will probably want to check out this game when it arrives. At this time there is just a general Q1 2016 launch timeframe. It’s going to be available for free with discretionary IAPs, it does arrive. For the time being, you can check the game’s teaser trailer out below. We’ll post an update once more details are released.

Quick Tip – Find and Remove Uncirclers from your Google Plus Circles

In my last Quick Tip I introduced Circloscope Inactives, a quick and easy way for clearing out people who haven’t posted in awhile from your Google Plus Circles.  Today we are going over Uncirclers.  This is a Chrome Extension that checks through your Google Plus circles to identify who hasn’t circled you back.  The tool is simple to use and will have you on your way to leaner and meaner Circles in no time.  Best of all, it’s FREE!


I did want to point out the if you have any celebrities,  popular bloggers (like me  ) or businesses that you like to follow, you may want to move them to a separate Circle and use the exclusion feature that I will talk about in a minute.  Google Plus only allows for someone (even celebrities and businesses) the ability to follow 5000 people.  This means that they may just not have the room to follow you back, but if you want to continue to receive their posts, you don’t want to remove them.

Install and launch UncirclersOn the left hand side of the page you will see a column that has your circles listed.  You can use the radio buttons next to the circle name to choose which circles you want included in the search.  The buttons are defaulted to inclusion.  This is where I remove the circles of the bloggers and businesses that I follow.Click the Apply button and when it is done checking it will display the a list of all of the people that are not following youYou can click the heading at the top of the list to sort them by Profile Name or Circle.If there are people that you would like to keep, remove the check mark from beside their name.Click Uncircle to remove the selected people from your circle!

While I don’t find Uncirclers as useful as Inactives, it does offer you a way to help you quickly fine tune your circles.  Enjoy!

Why Your iPhone Will Never Be More Entertaining than Your Actual Television

Let’s face it, you’re kind of attached to your iPhone. Helping you cure boredom, answer questions, and keep in touch with friends, it’s no wonder you consider the gadget a prized possession. Yet, your iPhone will never entertain, relax, and excite you quite like your trusty TV.
Your TV won’t ever need charging and certainly won’t ever get dropped in a toilet. Not only reliable, your TV allows you to sit back, kick your feet up, and take pleasure in your favorite sitcoms, dramas, and sports games. Here are just a few more reasons your smart phone will never hold a candle to the tube.

Because You’re a Fan of Lazy Sundays

After a weekend of late-night partying with friends, deep-cleaning the house, or even throwing your kid’s birthday party, you’re exhausted. You want to crash on the couch and watch TV show marathons. With a delivery pizza on the coffee table and the TV remote in your hand, you’ve achieved an ultimate lazy Sunday afternoon.
Your iPhone simply can’t give you the R&R that your TV can provide. Your energy level is low, so even thumbing through apps and articles is too much work. Thanks to TV, you can relax your mind and gently fall asleep without a care in the world.


Because You’re a Movie Buff

Turn off all the lights and turn on the surround sound system. Order a new release through your cable provider, watch a hit movie on one of your premium channels, or go old school and pop in a DVD. Microwave a bag of popcorn and pour a glass of Coke. Get cozy on your couch and take it all in.

You might as well be sitting in a movie theater. Try watching a movie from your smart phone and see what kind of enjoyment you’ll get out of it. In the name of movies, your TV definitely trumps your phone.

Because You Have A Love For the Game

Whether you’re a football fan or a basketball enthusiast, your TV is your best friend during sports seasons. There’s nothing you love more than breaking open some cold beer and yelling at the TV with your friends by your side. It’s times likes these when you’re grateful you bought the 55-inch plasma and HDTV sports package.
Sure, your iPhone can assist you with sports. You can go online and buy Carolina Panthers tickets or you can check the score for the Pittsburgh Steelers Game. However, attempt to watch a game on that 5-inch screen and see how it compares to your glorious TV.

Because You’re an Expert Multi-Tasker

Say you’re home alone and cleaning the house. What do you use for background noise and occasional breaks? More than likely, you’re listening to your TV as you sweep the floors. Perhaps you’re snuggled up on your couch and getting caught up with work on your laptop. Your TV is probably on then too, providing that sporadic distraction from your boring tasks.
TV’s are gifts to us multi-taskers. Holding onto your phone and checking your e-mail or looking through your Facebook news feed just isn’t going to allow you the freedom to multi-task.
TV’s have been around for nearly 70 years. They’ve stuck by our side, giving us quality entertainment at home. Sure, your iPhone is pretty awesome, but will it ever measure up to the greatness of the television set?


Share Google Plus Posts to Facebook or Twitter From Any Device

Google Plus is by far and away my social network of choice.  I have racked up almost 20000 followers and find it harder and harder to pull myself away from the network to manage my Facebook and Twitter pages.  There are only so many hours in the day. Enter Friends+Me, a new program that allows you to seamlessly share your posts from Google Plus across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  I have been using it for about a week now and found it completely indispensable.

Set-up and Features

To get started with Friends+Me you need to log onto there website and sign up for an account.  There are no programs to download for this, everything is handled through their website.  Setup is quick and easy.  You just click the + symbol next to Destination Networks to add the social networks that you want to share too.  Your network options are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkdin.
Once your Google Plus account is linked to Friends+Me, you can share from your Google Plus account on any device and it will post to your assigned social networks.  There is no extra setup for this.  You can post from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device you can log into your Google Plus account from.

Share Google Plus
Friends+Me gives you a few simple but powerful ways to manage which posts you share.  It allows you to set-up Control Hashtag Groups. When you set-up your Destination Networks, each one is assigned a hashtag. Twitter is #t, Facebook #f, and Linkdin has #L.  The default is that your public posts are automatically shared to all of your Destination Networks, but if you only want to share to Twitter, you just add #T to your post. #TL will share to both Twitter and Linkdin.  The hashtag names are configurable, so that you can add different names if you have multiple Twitter, Facebook or Linkdin accounts.

Other features you can enable:Reposts all posts you publish to public Google+ Communities.Reposts will link back to the Google+ activities from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkdinLimit repost length to 110 characters on TwitterRepost photos shared on Google+ to Facebook as links back to your Google+ ProfileChoose post visibility for Facebook and TwitterPricing

Wrap up

After trying out Friends+Me this week, I have already purchased the $29 a year package.  It’s a great value for a program that works so seamlessly and is so easy to use.  Once you set it up, there isn’t anything else you need to do to use it.  For those times that you don’t want to share something to a particular network, the hashtag controls allow you a quick way to manage things directly from the post.  Friends+Me has been a huge timesaver and I have seen increased interaction on my other social networks because I am sharing to them more often now.
What do you think.  Would you find a program like this helpful?  Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Asus Cube With Google TV Hands On Review

What is the Cube?

The ASUS Cube is just that, a little black cube.  It’s what Google refers to as a buddy box, an external component that allows you to add Google TV  onto your existing Television.  Coming in at just under 5 inches tall and deep, the little box easily found a home on my entertainment center.
The Cube keeps it simple when it comes to the box’s design.  The front of the Cube has a light that shows blue for on and red for off.  That’s it.  There is no way to turn the Cube on or off from the unit.  You need the remote for that.

Flipping the cube around to the backside, you won’t find a lot of inputs or outputs.  There are two HDMI ports so that you can pass through your cable or satellite box, but that is your only option for audio and video.  There is a 10/100 Ethernet port, a USB port for hooking up an external drive, a port for the power cord, and a port for an IR Blaster.  The only other thing is a 2nd USB port on the side of the Cube.  It makes for a very quick and easy setup, if you have an HDMI compatible TV/receiver.
Inside, the Cube is a Marvell Armada 1500 chipset and 2 gb of available flash storage. It has support for Dolby Digital Plus, HD Video, and HDMI-CEC.  It also has support for DLNA, FTP, SMB or an external, USB-attached hard drive and Wi-fi b/g/n.

The Good

The standout feature on the Asus Cube is the remote.  It is a double sided remote with a track pad and volume, channel and video controls on one side, and a full Qwerty keyboard on the other.  The track pad is where the remote really shines.  It has a sturdy feel and a textured grip that makes it easy to use.  The track pad can be toggled back and forth from a pointing device to a push button d-pad.  In either mode, it is responsive and easy to use.

My other favorite part of the remote is the built in microphone.  This has become my favorite feature of the Cube.  Pressing the microphone button allows me to speak into the remote to perform just about any task I want.  Saying “History Channel” tunes my TV to the History Channel.  ”Open Pandora” does just that.  ”Google Phoenix Suns” opens the Chrome Browser to a Google search of the Phoenix Suns.  ”Morgan Freeman” brings up everything available in tv, movies, and Youtube for Morgan Freeman.  I am really surprised with how well it works.  You can also go into settings and turn on Google’s Personalized Voice Recognition and the feature works even better.
The Cube also comes with their exclusive “Cube Interface”.  It is a very user friendly way of sorting and scrolling through all of your apps and bookmarks.  It is a definite improvement over the vanilla UI that comes on other Google TV products because it is far more intuitive.  I find that I don’t use the menu system much though because the more I get used to having the microphone, the more I use it for all of my tasks.
Finally, Asus also throws in 50 gigs of free cloud storage for 2 years.  I have already uploaded some videos to it and it really works well.

The Bad

The Cube comes with a remote that can only control the other devices in my entertainment cabinet through a single IR Blaster.  Who thought that was a smart idea?  Even worse, after several hours on the phone with Asus and having a replacement unit sent out, I still can’t get the IR Blaster to work with my 4 year old Mitsubishi TV or my Pioneer receiver.  I also can’t get the CEC HDMI to function properly, which means that I have to use another remote to power on and off my TV or to use my blueray player.  :(
Also, the placement of the microphone button on the side of the remote means that I inadvertently bump it all the time.  Pressing the microphone button brings up an overlay on the bottom portion of the screen.  If you don’t say anything, it doesn’t go away, it asks you to retry.   Pressing the back button on the remote does not clear it either, you have to flip the remote over and press esc on the keypad.  I am hoping that after I get used to the remote, I won’t bump the microphone button as often.


The Mediocre

The keyboard on the back of the remote leaves something to be desired.  It’s not the worst mini keyboard I have ever used, but after years as a devoted Sidekick user, I know how good a mini keyboard can be.  The keys take too much force to press down and this often causes me to either not have a character register, or to press multiple characters.  Luckily, with the voice control, I rarely use the keyboard, except to to hit the esc button to clear the voice recognition app.
Wrap up
I love the Google TV experience.  I love the ability to have apps like Youtube, Pandora, Netflix, Thuz, Flixster, Google Music, etc all on my TV.  The Primetime Guide from Google is the easiest way to find out what’s on tv, and I find myself using the Chrome Browser quite often.  For me, the issues with the cube all lie within the hardware.  Asus was so close to having a great system.  Their UI is fresh and easy to use.  The track pad on the remote is very good.  My favorite feature is the very accurate voice control.  They just made a major misstep with not making the remote more universal.  If you are a fan of Google TV, the Cube is a good system, especially if you can get the IR Blaster to work.  If you are not a fan of Google TV, the Cube is not going to win you over to Google’s side.
If you are still interested and want to see what’s inside the box, you can check out my unboxing video here.
Are you a fan of Google TV?  Let me know what you think in the comments below?