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Save the Last Dance (2001) Sara, a 17-year-old high-school student, sets her sights on being a professional ballerina, but she has to put her plans on hold when her mother is killed in a car accident and she is forced to move to her father's. He enjoys the best vintages of the goods he sells. Shante is so adept at navigating the waters of romance that her best girlfriends Diedre, Karen and Tracye depend on

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her for advice whenever "man trouble" clouds the horizon. Upon his graduation and return to the States he is expected to serve the mob as their doctor going against his pledge to the Hippocratic Oath: firs 351. Hobbs, the nighttime janit 263.

Fulfillment of Mary Gray, The (1989) A turn-of-the-century woman who lives on a farm with her husband and his brother which an emotional triangle develops when the husband's sterility makes him unable to give his wife a child. Mourning, in fact, could really be regarded as self-pity, sorrow for oneself that one has lost a person who did so much for those left behind. Tyler Perry's Temptation (2013) Judith is an Ivy League-educated relationship expert who gives marital advice for a living, yet can't seem to follow that advice in her own marriage to Bryce. Wonderful World (2009) Ben Singer is a failed children's folk singer, a newly unemployed proofreader and an every-other-weekend dad to his young daughter, who prefers pretty much anything to listening to her dad's pessimistic ramblings. Remember the civilisation of Sumeria, and the great civilisation of Minoa. All they know is there's a year's supply of pudding in the fridge, and their girlfriends are ticked at them for trashing their house and forgetting their anni 499.